Advertising on Facebook and Instagram can overwhelm even the most seasoned marketer with its vast set of campaign types, targeting options and ad formats. There are no silver bullets, and winning on Facebook and Instagram requires a carefully crafted strategy and constant nurturing. At 10ZING Digital, we excel in this endeavor.

It starts with understanding your business prospects’ demographics and myriad interests to build and refine the audiences we target. We then pair compelling creative with ad copy tailored to each of these audiences, and continually test new ads and landing pages to optimize for ROI.

Our experience managing and executing digital marketing programs across virtually every industry, both on the agency and client side, allows us to go beyond a cookie-cutter rubric of best practices to truly understand and target the users you aim to acquire on Facebook and Instagram.


Keyword development is only the first step to success in search engine marketing. The cornerstone of a sound paid search strategy is actually campaign structure. It lays the groundwork for every aspect of performance.

Over the years, there has been a proliferation of features in Google AdWords and Bing Ads, and it can be hard to discern which are truly effective for your business, and which simply drive up your costs. It has also become increasingly harder to compete in paid search’s saturated auctions, making keyword, campaign, messaging and post-click strategy all the more crucial.

Enter 10ZING. We can cut through the clutter, and re-tool or design from scratch a PPC strategy that works for your business.


The syntax of search engine optimization can be hard to decipher given all the buzz in the industry about this and that tactic. On-page vs. off-page, head vs. long tail terms, meta vs. H1 tags – it’s enough to make your head spin.

The truth: SEO isn’t as technically complex as most consultants and agencies would lead you to believe. There are really just a handful of i’s to dot and t’s to cross to ensure you’re positioned to rank well on a keyword or key phrase. What is crucial is your editorial strategy, i.e., the way your content is written.

At 10ZING, we audit your current SEO program, revise or craft a new one, and execute fundamental technical steps while taking a holistic, cross-channel approach to keyword optimization and editorial strategy.


The primary advantage of digital marketing is that it’s measurable – for every dollar you spend, you have a pretty good idea what it gets you.

Yet all too often digital marketers don’t take a cross-channel approach to tracking and attribution to understand how their efforts in any given channel truly impact the business. Going beyond proxies, and unearthing the real drivers of growth is what 10ZING Digital does for our clients.

We begin with an audit of your current tagging practices and web analytics data, and then devise a tracking and measurement framework tailored to your business priorities. Once we’ve agreed on this foundation, we develop attribution modeling that identifies the programs truly moving the needle for your business while simultaneously uncovering areas for optimization and growth.


No single channel can satisfy your digital marketing needs: Paid search meets demand for your brand – it does not generate it. Rampant ad blindness generally makes display ads ineffective as a direct response vehicle. Even the most targeted and engaging emails will not grow your business beyond your current audience. Facebook and Instagram are great for branding and conversion, but in isolation, you won’t maximize the potential of either.

A cross-channel approach is requisite for success, and 10ZING Digital can help.

We begin with an objective look at your full marketing stack, and break down existing channel silos. We use data to formulate spend allocations, performance forecasts, and inter-channel messaging and targeting strategies to ensure every dollar spent has the biggest impact on your business.

We also incorporate lead generation and email marketing components into our analysis to round out recommendations for a robust cross-channel program that drives users at every touch point down a path to conversion.